One off sessions


I’ve noticed a pattern where there seems to be less of a need for ongoing counselling sessions and more a desire for one-off sessions. Perhaps this is due to financial reasons, life events or maybe just wanting to get a feel for whether counselling is for you.

It can be hard to talk about deep, personal issues with those closest to you or perhaps the choice of who to speak to is simply limited. It may also be that you are worried about adding to the multitude of overwhelming feelings and emotions that may already present or are concerned about the impact that blurting out all those feelings and thoughts will have on those around you and the environment you are in. This can lead to a building up of emotions and thoughts that bubble away inside, growing and festering.

With this in mind I am now offering a one-off session of 90 mins. A space where all the frustrations, challenges, anxieties, fears and overwhelming emotions can be aired with no judgement, no guilt and no shame. Just a chance to unburden and get some much-needed breathing and thinking space.