One off sessions


Whether you have had therapy before or are considering it for the first time, reaching out can still feel daunting and overwhelming. Perhaps up until now, life has been pretty good but now an event or experience has shaken your foundations and you’re not sure what to do. Perhaps right now all you want to do is dip your toe and get a feel for whether it’s for you.

It can be hard to talk about deep, personal issues with our nearest and dearest, we may have a limited choice of who to speak to. We may also worry about adding to overwhelming feelings and emotions that are already present or are concerned about the impact on those around us and our environment. This can lead to a building up of emotions and thoughts that bubble away inside, growing and festering.

This is why I’m offering a one-off session of 90 mins. A space where all your frustrations, challenges, anxieties, fears and overwhelming emotions can be aired with no judgement, no guilt and no shame. Just a chance to unburden and get some much-needed breathing and thinking space. You may wish to then come back more frequently or perhaps this one off was all you needed- the choice is yours!

Please contact me here if you are interested.